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Replacement Garage Door In Alexandria Va

Replacing a Broken Spring on your garage door

Most home owners in Alexandria VA must have heard this term broken spring one time or the other in regards to their garage door. These days we find out that more customers are becoming more knowledgeable about things in the home more than ever before because of DIY videos and articles online.

Replacing a garage door broken spring is one of the things that should be on DIY videos at all. Replacing a broken spring is an attempt that could cause serious damage to the individual if they don’t understand the mechanics of how the garage door works. Even though DIY videos are quite helpful, I do recommend that home owners should consult the help of an expert when dealing with garage door issues like broken spring for a few reasons;

Firstly, garage doors are quite heavy and under a lot of tension. Trying to fix a broken garage door spring without the proper tools and experience can cause the door to go out of the track or worse, the spring could cause damage to hands and face or even vehicle in the garage.

Secondly, you’ll need to know what time of springs to use on the garage door. The springs IPPT should match the weight of the garage door. In other words, it should be able to carry the entire weight of the garage door. Installing the wrong garage door springs could either cause the garage door to be too heavy to lift with the opener, which will cause the garage door spring to break sooner than expected or it could be too strong for the garage door and throw it up in the air to release the tension.

Consult an expert like Crystal City Garage Doors to help with all Broken Spring Replacement in Alexandria VA.

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